Dallas — In 1927, with the end of the silent film era looming, German-born director F.W. Murnau, working in Hollywood at Fox Studio, produced one of the final masterpieces of silent cinema, Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans.

Tuesday night at Dallas City Performance Hall, the 29th annual Dallas VideoFest and the Dallas Chamber Symphony co-sponsored a screening of Sunrise accompanied by a live performance of a brand new score written for the occasion by Joe Kraemer (see our interview with him here). One of Hollywood’s most successful currently active film composers, Kraemer has provided the scores for film projects ranging from The Way of the Gun to the hit 2015 action thriller Mission Impossible—Rogue Nation, often working with digitally produced sound. Although he has worked with resources ranging all the way up to a full 88-piece symphony orchestra for Mission Impossible, here he took on the challenge of creating a 95-minute score for a 16-member, within the limits of a 16-member, completely acoustic chamber orchestra.

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